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Welcome to our Living World

Crystal Heart wasn't made to be a Living World, neither was Savage Worlds for that matter. So, we've had to lay out some more rules & make some tweaks to the existing ones.

What is a Living World?

A Living World World RPG, or sometimes refered to as Western Marches, is a perpetual tabletop role playing campaign comprised of many different players & many different Game Masters running one-shot or episodic style games.

Games are ran as "missions", which will be posted by GMs when they have the time to run them & players join them usually freely if they are available during that time frame Sessions generally take as long as a normal TTRPG length of 2 to 4hrs.

Both players & GMs must be approved before joining into a game. Character progress will be tracked on this website & characters will gain advancements based on how many sessions they play or sometimes, what type of sessions they play.


Each player can have up to 2 characters at any time, including GMs. Players can only play 1 character at a time & GMs can not play characters in their own missions.

If a player decides they don't want to play a character any more, they can simply stop playing them & create a new one in its place.

Optionally: Characters can reach Retirement & become part of the world permanently.

Tip: If you'd like help creating a character, check the Character page.

Character Advancement

In Savage Worlds, there are 5 ranks & each rank has 4 "advancements" within the rank. Characters must pass all 4 advancements to reach the next rank.

  • Novice
  • Seasoned
  • Veteran
  • Heroic
  • Legendary

Note: Since characters start at Novice 1, then there are only 3 advancements to Seasoned.

We wanted progression to be steady, but not be too quick or take forever. So we decided on a scale based on the number of missions ran.

Rank Missions per Advancement
Novice 1
Seasoned 2
Veteran 3
Heroic 5
Legendary Not reachable*

So that means after 4 missions character will reach Seasoned, after 12 they will reach Veteran, after 24 they will be Heroic, after 39 missions players will be unable to progress their character any further (at least through ranks or advancements). However, as a reward for playing a character for so long, players have the option to retire a character as soon as it reaches Heroic 2 (29 missions) or can play until 44 missions & retire it as a Legendary character.


When a character is "Retired", this means it becomes a permanent fixture in our Crystal Heart world as an NPC at the rank they choose. If they play it for 44 missions, they can retire their character as a Legendary Agent! In the Crystal Heart canon there are only 5 Legendary Agents, which means that's a big deal!

Crystal Heart Setting Changes

Fortunately, so far we've had to change very little about Savage Worlds or Crystal Heart to make this work. This may change as we play more games, but for now this is all that has changed.

Novice Crystals

This is probably the biggest deviation from the core rule book. Novice Crystals in our world are infinite, meaning you don't have to worry about other characters using a crystal in order to use it on your character.

Seasoned+ Crystals however, will need to be requisitioned. New players are not allowed to requisition Seasoned Crystals for their first character.

Homebrew lore behind this miracle:

Agent Garridan (p.47) has recently discovered that Novice Crystals are weak enough to be easily shattered by compressing them together between 2 Veteran Crystals. Any Veteran Crystals will do and usually the most useless crystals are used for the job.

Once the Novice Crystal has been shattered, he discovered that their powers are weak enough that with a little "razzle dazzle", Agent Ivan (p.48) and his crystal "Revert" are able to manipulate each shard back into a fully functional version of the original crystal! More or less creating an infinite supply of Novice Crystals to give out to new Agents.

Obviously with this revelation, Syn has bumped up recruitment significantly and Syn is constantly bringing new Agents into the field. Garridan even came up with a new recruitment slogan:

"Join us."'s uhh ...a work in progress.

Edge: Beastmaster

Changed from Novice requirement to Seasoned.

Syn Promition: Free Agent

Only achievable once a character retires.


This is Crystal Heart's version of money. In order to requisition equipment, players will have to file a ticket at the requisition counter in Discord & follow the instructions there.

Game Masters & Crystals

GMs need to ask permission to find Crystals from The Council of Syn in order to run a mission. This is in order to prevent the potentially game breaking problem of finding all the Crytals from the book & needing the community to create a whole bunch more!

GMs should definitely not be discouraged from requesting permission. This is simply a way to make sure things don't get out of hand by every missions finding a crystal.

Tip: If you run a mission where you find a crystal you made or had someone make for you, and the Crystal is approved, then there are probably not any good reasons why The Council would say no. 😉

The Council of Syn

This is a group of players who help run the community. For all intents & purposes, they are the Admins of the community & collectively make decisions.

Making Crystals

ALL PLAYERS are HIGHLY encouraged to create crystals. We can not publish crystals from the core rulebook, but we can publish crystals our community has made. We also just need a lot of crystals.

However, if you attempt to make a crystal you'll quickly find out it's actually very hard to make semi-balanced crystals that aren't Heroic & we don't really need that many Heroic Crystals.

Crystals need to be approved in the #💎crystal-design channel on Discord. You can also discuss other things related to crystal design there.

Other references