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Community Rules & Off Limit Topics

Below you'll find a list of non-negotiable rules & off limit topics that all members of the community must follow.

However, remember this is a community of (mostly) adults & certain things will be allowed. Topics like sex, violence, & profanity will be allowed. That does not mean Players & GMs should have free reign when it comes to those topics, everyone deserves respect. For instance players have the right to request to limit excessive profanity or to keep violent descriptions at a minimum, if they so choose.

The X-Card will be in effect for all games.


  1. This is an inclusive community. That means LGBQT+ friendly & all nationalities, backgrounds, & disabilities are to be accepted with open arms.
  2. Game Masters will try their best to respect their player's person off-topic limits & always respect The X-Card.
  3. GM has the final say on rules. Nobody likes excessive rules lawyering & GMs will sometimes get things wrong. It's best to just roll with it & address it later.
  4. Players should not abuse the X-Card or off limit rules.
  5. Have fun! That's why we're all here. Don't worry about bending the rules of the system or messing up the timeline.

Off Limit Topics

  1. Absolutely no rape or overly descriptive sexual scenes.
  2. Violent torture is frowned upon not only by the community, but by the setting as well. However, if a scene calls for torturing someone with violence, then it should be done as a cut away & never described in any detail what-so-ever.
  3. Violence or sexual assault on children. This doesn't mean kids can't be kidnapped or slapped by an adult for acting up, but no chopping them in half. If towns are decimated, it should be described in a way that isn't graphic in regards to the children.

The X-Card

There is actually official documentation on this topic, which you can find here: X-Card by John Stavropoulos

Essentially, this is when a player is uncomfortable with a topic & wants the GM to move on. This could be for any reason & unless the player voluntarily gives a reason, then the GM (or other players) should not ask as it's that person's personal business. This can be related to PTSD, phobias, or just simply topics they aren't comfortable with for some reason or another.

We have a neat little module installed on FoundryVTT for this.