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What is a Living World RPG?

A Living World World RPG is basically a perpetual tabletop role playing campaign comprised of many different players & many different Game Masters running one-shot style games. It's also sometimes referred to as West Marches style campaigns, but we find that "Living World" is more fitting.

Games are ran as "missions", which will be posted by GMs when they have the time to run them & players join them usually freely if they are available during that time frame. Sessions generally last a normal TTRPG length of 2-4hrs.

Both players & GMs must be approved before joining into a game. Character progress will be tracked on this website & characters will gain advancements based on how many sessions they play or sometimes, what type of sessions they play.

Session 0... it begins!

Our "Session 0" where we decided the rules and how our world would work was on June 5th, 2021. Below you can find a recording of that session.

The rules hammered out during Session 0 can all be found on the page: "Our World"